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What is the Collaborative Process?

This short video produced by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals discusses why families in conflict should consider the collaborative process.

What is Collaborative Life Planning?

Collaborative Professionals Sheila Furr, Ph.D., Mara Bernstein, Esq., and Christen Ritchey, Esq. discuss Collaborative Life Planning. This is a process that is done before there are problems. This process goes beyond a normal pre-nuptial agreement. It helps couples plan ahead for issues so they can deal with them when they arise. Couples discuss issues like child rearing, retirement, expectations, finances and so on. These are issue that if unhandled can lead to divorce.

Importance of the Collaborative Law Process Statute in Florida

The Collaborative Law Process allows families in Florida to determine their own outcome when dealing with disputes, most commonly divorce. Hear from Collaborative Professionals from around Florida, including Dr. Sheila Furr, as they talk about the importance of this statute and what it means for families in Florida.